Moving on...

I departed this blog with no passion to write (mostly because I didn't have a clear direction), however after much deliberation and a heart to write again - I bring forth a new blog. If you wish to follow, I warmly invite you to

--- awol.

Hello, Me

I haven't been here since May. I haven't missed this, whatever this is, exactly. A glorified journal? A place to dump my thoughts? What was my purpose of this? I wasn't discussing important issues, I didn't have the purpose that others do, my role wasn't to educate others or grow peoples skills. I thought I could turn it around into an arty blog but when it starts off as one thing it rarely transitions to something else. I had/have? people who follow me, but especially since my blogfeed was canned by the higher authorities - I haven't found it as easy to follow the blogs I enjoy myself. Infact, I have to hunt down my favourite blogs without the convenience of having an up-to-date 'newspaper' showing me the latest blogs scrolling on my homepage. Custard.

So... my thinking is - other people wont read this.

Or maybe they will. Or probably they don't. And won't.

I assume people don't because I don't hear anything much. I am pretty sure my latest number of posts were comment-less. And I don't mind. Its not like I spam comments to people on their blogs these days. People have lives - we all accept that.

Then it comes back to the main question.

What is this blog?

This blog is retired. Until I come up with a new blog idea. A new start. A new journey. I might let this blog know the new destination - for anyone that may care to come along.

Cheerio kids. Wherever you are and whatever you do - may you have a smile on your face at all times.


Latest creations and inspirations

The completed quilt of many colours

I adore this colour palette. Vineyard outside of Strathalbyn

A new crochet technique. What to create with this...

Attempt 2 of a circle top. This one didn't get much further (too bunched up)

Some of the latest outdoor changes... more plants, on a cool stand

Autumnal Colours. This project is about half finished.

Doodling late, late, LATE one night on night duty.

I'm blessed with these sunsets right outside my home overlooking the ocean.

Another project I didn't need to do but was fun to make. Fingerless gloves.


A Bright New World

Hello friends!!!

Its been a long time between posts. I have missed reading blogs, but I have been busy!
My brain has previously felt a little like that balloon above - deflated and caught in a net. But I had a crafty/arty/creative revival, and I'm in the process of completing a delicious and warm rug...

I can't wait for winter to snuggle down in that bad boy!

I'll get back into blogging, but I don't have the brain space for words to write.
So - some pictures for now.


I lost interest in blogging for a bit.

I've been hiding.

I've felt lonely. I miss my old friends.

I've had a large portion of my life turn upside down.

I've been very challenged.

And... then I breathed.

I trusted.

I took each new step.

I tried new things.

I feel less lonely.

I have some new friends.

I'm learning to understand my new friends, too.

I'm taking on new roles.

I'm having new challenges.

I'm stumbling a little.

I'm having fun.