Love Is Patient... Indeed.

Hello Single Ladies [put a ring on it?]...!!

I am having just the nicest few weeks recently, and despite a minor move to a new temporary home this coming Friday which also coincides with a certain Birthday to celebrate 25 years of life and the 26 of a close mate PLUS a baby shower the following day, life is hillariously awesome.

And by hillariously, I mean... I love how God does things in life that just make you laugh your bum off. Really. There are MANY moments where I feel like I've lost a good portion of my tush from laughing so much...

Take housemates/roommates for example. ALL of the girls I have lived with, minus 1 person, have gotten a good bloke either during or just after the time I've lived with them. How random is that!? Do I give off a love vibe? Am I sort of like the glue that brings people together? Or maybe better than glue is one of those straps that you have to gradually tighten by a winch-type thing - and perhaps I am like the winch-type thing!? OR perhaps from living with me they realise that they would much rather be married because what a horrible experience...??? Nah! Not possible!

What ever it is, I feel a bit like Cupid, minus the ouchy arrow landing in your butt. And for some reason this only happens when I live with people. And, for another random reason, it quite possibly doesn't have to be a LONG time to live with someone...

Well. That is grand. I love a good Love story!! Of course, I don't usually get mentioned in the wedding speeches of "how it all began" because it is quite possibly only me who see's the quirky connection. But still... it is kind of sweet to know that for one reason or another, I can be unknowingly involved... without being the third wheel of course :)

Funny, too, is that after a good 2 weeks of being the MOST at peace with the whole singleness idea [have been very peaceful since being back in the country 3 months ago], and having had zero questions about when I was going to start bringing in some grandkids [cough mum & dad cough - but really, they don't pressure me so much] that only now I have started to be asked when my turn will be.

Its all in God's timing, isn't it!? How great it is to know that God has it all under control! Though seriously - Mr Husby can hurry up any time he likes :D. A small quote of a cute thing I said to a friend of mine just now, something I thought I should share because quite frankly, its going to go into the Husband Journal. Yeah, I've decided to write down prayers, thoughts, feelings, verses etc into a book I can give to Mr Husby when we are all serious and looking towards the next step...

"Hey Mr Husby, I missed you today when my friends told me that some romance is happening in their life. If only you would stop and ask for directions on how to get here already. Its not a shameful thing to do. Many men have conquered the art of asking for directions without feeling powerless or any less of a man. Or -- better yet, wait till I've moved again, which is Friday incase you weren't sure. But then a week later I'll be travelling around the countryside for a month or so. So, you will have to get your butt into 4WD, Mister!! Missing you. Love me"

Isn't that cute and hillarious at the same time? Hahah!

He will get here when God knows I deserve him and when God knows I am ready for him. Even if I think I am ready, chances are, I am so not ready at all!!