--- awol.

Hello, Me

I haven't been here since May. I haven't missed this, whatever this is, exactly. A glorified journal? A place to dump my thoughts? What was my purpose of this? I wasn't discussing important issues, I didn't have the purpose that others do, my role wasn't to educate others or grow peoples skills. I thought I could turn it around into an arty blog but when it starts off as one thing it rarely transitions to something else. I had/have? people who follow me, but especially since my blogfeed was canned by the higher authorities - I haven't found it as easy to follow the blogs I enjoy myself. Infact, I have to hunt down my favourite blogs without the convenience of having an up-to-date 'newspaper' showing me the latest blogs scrolling on my homepage. Custard.

So... my thinking is - other people wont read this.

Or maybe they will. Or probably they don't. And won't.

I assume people don't because I don't hear anything much. I am pretty sure my latest number of posts were comment-less. And I don't mind. Its not like I spam comments to people on their blogs these days. People have lives - we all accept that.

Then it comes back to the main question.

What is this blog?

This blog is retired. Until I come up with a new blog idea. A new start. A new journey. I might let this blog know the new destination - for anyone that may care to come along.

Cheerio kids. Wherever you are and whatever you do - may you have a smile on your face at all times.