So, what a ride! I feel like I've been non-stop since I first left the ship, and its got days left before the speed-racer type journey will end.

Its been SO sticky! During my first week in Cebu and my first week of Lectures, getting-to-know-you games, sharing a bed [weird], and reciting dramas I spent every other allowed minute either watching the Sunrises, walking the streets of Cebu around our accomodation, or swimming in the pool. Swimming actually was what I did the most of. If I didn't have to sit and listen, I was jumping and splashing. I have made many new water-fight friends [actually, they're all guys too] and it made the transition into the group alot smoother.

Sunday just gone we joined the ship a week early [meaning many of my friends who are in the group we are replacing were still here]. For me it was a whirlwind experience and one that I was thrilled to be on. To see all the familiar faces again just made me overfill with joy. I am not really one for screaming [though I do admit that is a habit that has recently developed] but my excitement got the better of me and I did ALOT of screaming, mostly at the excitement of seeing people and as I saw each person some more excitement exploded.

And what a grand entrance I made. I seriously think I've been born with 2 left feet or feet with a mind of their own. Walking DOWN the first flight of stairs to the nortorious Section 6 where I am living [possibly for ever but as far as I know I could move on Saturday] - who knows - I get a side hug [the Pastor Hug - haha] from my friend Wileon and TOTALLY slip down the stairs. No damage done, just a very bruised butt which the entire experience entertained MANY [WHY WHY do I always do these things!]... anyway... it was a grand entrance like I said...

Otherwise on our first afternoon off, so Monday arvo, most of my PreShip went to the Mall... which is super mega huge. Not as big as the Manilla Mall which apparantly is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere but we're not there yet. So this mall is massive and getting there was my provided my first experience riding a Jeepney and my first real experience of being a foreigner... my word I stick out like a sore thumb! I am really tall compared to Filipino people, and really white too, so I get stared at. But not as much as the 6ft Blonde Blue-eyed German who walked around there too!

Fun. And another weird thing, when being the foreigners in a massive mall, you quickly see your friends because they are 'freaky tall foreigners' too. Crazy!

Currently I am on the end of Day 2 of Basic Safety Training [BST], and I had my first exam tonight, I believe I did very well!

Could you please pray for the 54 of us [thats minus the 2 chilluns [[kids]] ] that we have energy to listen to our lectures, and to be energised about our teachings. 2 full days of only listening takes its toll on us and we're all very tired!

I pray that this finds you well!

Carola :)