And the vision, that was planted in my brain... still remains..

Insane-ness in my brain-ness.

I do appologise for my delay in keeping up with my updates on here. I am afraid that I had a rather very busy month just now and I'm really only catching up with things that I have been wanting to do since coming home last week...

Up at a sparrows fart, I flew to Melbourne, Victoria for my de-brief from my time away on the Ship. I didn't get the feeling a regular de-brief would give you when you *finally* get to talk about all the things that have happened since you have been gone, because I had 3 months to talk about these things with friends and other missionaries who have already come back or have experienced these things before. De-brief for me was more about having official closure to my time away and to realise that "my time onboard the Doulos was the biggest wake-up-call of my life".

While in Melbourne, however, I was SO blessed to stay with my fabulous friend, Jessica. She was also onboard with me, and we got to be Secretaries together [just in different departments]. She is, lovingly, NUTS! I think I had more enjoyable time with her talking about how life is now that we are home, what its been like with family, our home churches,  and doing some random days out than I did actually having the official de-brief. Jess and I come from very similar backgrounds, and are experiencing the same issues with being back in 'reality'... it was such a blessing to spend that week with her! The Moose, Bartender Dave, cutting off dreadlocks, finding cute and dirt cheap clothes, Ganaya, "today I die", the painting... so many awesome memories...

I also got to catch up with people who were from my church who have now travelled to live and work in Melbourne. Of the three groups of people, two are expecting a baby any day now. I got to hang out in the Melbourne CBD and eat scrumptious dumplings, then fabulous dessert with Tamra & Dave, which was SO great because it was the first time meeting Dave, and I HIGHLY approve of the man. He's not as chatty as Tamra and I, but he was definately on par with our conversations. I am so glad Tam has met such a wonderful man, and I just know he will take care of her and their new bub!

My other evening consisted of a SPLENDID home cooked meal by a fabulous Alexa who is GINORMOUSLY popping with her baby. James and I got to talk alot of crap and we all shared stories about our times away, it was so great to hear fun stories and see amazing photos of the Netherlands. I think I had one of the best laughing experiences with James and Lex, they have such a brilliant sense of humour, but have so much love, too. I just cannot WAIT till their little bub comes into the world. What a fun place that will be!

The non-having-a-baby friend is Dave. It was a short time to catch up with him, but it was a really nice time. He's studying to become a pilot, so it was exciting to hear his stories and of places he has been with people from one of his new churches he goes to. That... and he's going to be a pilot. I think he currently has his private pilot's licence. What an occupation...!!

From Melbourne, I flew to Newcastle:
Another sparrows fart flight gets me landing in the mining town of Newcastle, New South Wales at about 8am. My fabulous friend, Katrina was there to pick me up and tour me around, and I have to say, having never been to Newcastle, I was VERY impressed. At first, from the airport, the view isn't so much. More trucks and industrial looking. But then a corner takes you to a corner and the next thing you know, you are in rolling hills and jagged surf coast. So beautiful. It was such a great time with Trina, another friend from the Ship, who is someone I value very deeply in personality, character and charm. She is a super dooper trooper, and likes my jokes, so that means she's even awesome-er... even if she did put a less-than-attractive photo of me in her newsletter [pfft!]. Haha. Lake Macquarie has got to be my favourite place by far... it was just so beautiful there... Newcastle will definately have another visit from me...

And then there is Sydney... but you will have to wait till the next post to read about Sydney... and the rest of my current adventures!!!

And... something to encourage you with:

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” - John Wesley