Totally Wicked...

I love love LOVE it when God quite literally blows your socks off.

I've had just 'one of those' weeks. I was down with Laryngitis - for those playing at home its an infection of the vocal chords - for pretty much the whole week. I'm still not over it but today was the first time I got most of my voice back.

The week consisted of me staying in bed, watching movies and cancelling phone calls when people were ringing because I couldn't speak to answer them. [of course, I sent a message to say I couldn't talk!].  I went out on Thursday... and stayed for the smallest amount of time at the kids-club I work at and then came home. I felt pretty off. Mostly just knackered... but otherwise fine!

Then... this weekend happened.

So - from the start people can tell I can't talk so good. But, it seems that I'm good for a conversation [who would've thought that!?].

Last night [so, Friday night for you playing at home] I had a date. With Jesus. And 6 other amazing chicks. It was a completely encouraging!! It was for us single ladies who, quite frankly, can get a little stressed by life, feeling like we are being left behind, or, what's wrong with me because I'm still single - that kind of stuff.

So my fabulous friend, Sarah, invited us ladies to a date with Jesus night. Sarah looked like she was you idyllic 50's wife, and she was SUCH an amazing hostess! It was quite simply amazing. A great platform for what a date would be like [considering I've only really been on one official date and it was out, this was what I felt a date should be like].

Candles, rose petals on the ground, roses at the door greeting us, a fire crackling to stand next to while listening to the rain on the roof, mocktails in hand, fine linen and cutlery, the lulls of sweet music in the background, a gift on the table [it was a ring! Like, an engagement ring-type ring].. it was beautiful.

And I was encouraged to remember that I may be single on Earth for now, but I am part of the bride of Christ. I am wholly and dearly loved by my Father, my heavenly husband, who wants to give me the world! I felt so... blessed! I also felt like I talked WAY too much and by the time I got home I lost what voice I did have left... hahahha....

And then today came around.

Tonight I was participating in a youth-encouragement event to motivate and excite young people to be missionaries wherever they are, and my role for the night was the mingle beforehand and to make professional coffee's after during supper. 

To start off, I was ready early. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! I'm always late. Well, not by much but I usually don't plan my time very well at all. Today, I was prepared! After spending the day listening to the rain and feeling so mellow, I was prepared! Perhaps last night did more than encourage me! Perhaps - I felt relaxed!!

So I arrive, and I check out the machine to use, which was very small and different to what I was trained on, and it took me awhile to find where things where but, eventually I nutted it out!

You have to remember, I was trained on a ship on an industrial sized professional cafe' coffee making machine, and I was trained at a standard that was certified as basic understanding but trained in high-class coffee making, that I am a little fussy with how things are done or left. So when there was no cleaning chemicals, no brushes, no tamp [what to press the ground coffee with to make it flat before you put it in the machine to press water through to get the shot]... I felt frustrated and unsure that this match between me and the machine was going to come out nicely...

ESPECIALLY when i was shown how to use this machine and every technique was, if I had done it on the ship, I would've been given a right severe telling off... BUT... when I was doing it, amazingly, every rule I remembered came back to me and we...

connected. The machine and I, that is.

And when the orders started coming... then the line of people kept growing... when people were coming to say how good their drink was... [and one or two even snuck in second one!]... I was so... SOOOOOOO... blessed! And encouraged! And... over the moon!

And maybe if I pursue doing nursing [amongst the many things I'm pursuing right now] I think I should get back into coffee making too! I realised tonight how I love making coffee! Infact, when I come back from my next bout of travels for debreif and sort-of birthday pressie for myself in June, then I think I might just go apply to be a barista again!

GOLLY GOSH! I am so excited that I doubt I will sleep tonight and its already 1:30am!!!

And tomorrow... I get to do my talk about the ship at my church. FINALLY! I'm so excited!!!

Be utterly blessed right now in your life today! You are worthy of love and from a distance, I love YOU too! If you were closer - like Alex - then I love you here too... of course! xoxox

Female[itis], Anatomy & Male. I mean, Mail.

I have a problem. I like to refer to it as "female[itis]" - and not THAT kind. I'm referring to the kind that occurs when I get a cold. 

So - you know the Man-cold symptoms. Absolutely everything is the hardest thing to possibly do, see, move... whatever. They need to be loved and looked after and given a number one priority. You need to pop in and check that they know you have popped in on a very regular basis. It's a hard job being a man with a cold it seems, or maybe they are trying to say its just a hard job being a man...

When I get a cold, I do some pretty odd things. I mean, I actually prefer to be left alone. I go all "Walker, Texas Ranger" like. I battle it and sleep it off. The problem is the fact that when I get sick with a cold, I turn into this highly emotional female. It's like my inner guard has been let down and all that tough, macho-ness I try to pull in my normal days slips away and I become a feminine version of myself. I'm so not blokey, and I'm HEAPS less tomboy than I used to be [you would say now that I'm quite the girl and that's a compliment]... but when I get a cold, I am the female-connected version of me.

Yesterday I worked a day at my old employment and it was good physical work that I really enjoyed doing - mostly because I could see the results as I tossed out their rubbish. But I was so knackered. As I started getting this cold on Sunday, yesterday wasn't bad but last night it had fully kicked into gear.

So in my lethargic effort of life last night, I decided to watch the final 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy for Season 5. The last episodes I have for the whole collection I've got. And I bawled like... like I was personally affected by the episodes themselves. Like I was personally involved. I wailed for what felt like ages after the episode finished, then would go wash my face, refill my drink and get back under the covers for another episode, as if I was paralyzed from doing anything else but watch another episode. I never do that. I mean, I cry because I can be a right old baby, but not like that. That was female[itis] me.

Another quirk in my female[itis] me is that I find that I'm drawn to the romantic movies, the ones that give you those butterflies and make you dream about the ridiculous love story you just might have, which might be like the one you just watched, but for whatever reason, we punish ourselves and watch these movies because, we love them. I wouldn't admit this in real life terms but, I secretly love them too. As much as I hate them for all the fake-ness and how it teases you and often are just filled with vomit-worthy script followed by vomit-worthy script, I still, hillariously, love them.

So today I watched a classic. A real good one. One that I would actually say in public that I've seen it, and one that I would watch even when well and completely sane. "You've Got Mail".

Maybe its the fact that its got Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in it - who are both awesomely, adorably dorky characters. I love it. And I watched it today. It was so worth being sick for the pure enjoyment of watching it. I did many of those "wiping my consistently running nose while laughing at the same time so you make your tissue do a little dance in front of your face, which makes you laugh just that little bit more" moments. Its just... charming.

And it has amazing quotes...

“The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, de caf... low-fat, non-fat, etc. So for people who don't know what they are doing or who they are, can for a low $2.95 get not just a cup of coffee, but, an absolutely defining sense of self. Tall.... de caf... cappuccino.”
I loved that quote. I don't know why. Perhaps its the inner coffee addict in me. Perhaps its because no matter where I go, I have a signature coffee that I like to have from each place. Zabbacino's from Cibo's. White Marble Mocha from Hudson's. Irish Nut Creme from Gloria Jeans. White Chocolate Mocha Frappacino from Starbucks. And when I try and burst outside of my little bubble I've created in each store, I get overwhelmed with the choices and just pick a cappucino or a flat white.

Perhaps I like the quote because it's quite true in a coffee lover's world. If you don't know where you are going, doing, seeing, being... but you know that you can walk into a coffee bar and order a tall, skim caramel macchiato... then you are just living life really! I mean, what else do you need!? Okay, well the obvious for those new here is that you have to have a main order of God in your life. That's a given. But you can still have a side order of something else, something personal like... spontaneity, energy, laughter [that's like a second main meal for me], creativity, weirdness, joy, strength... and importantly, love. You need love in your life because it binds you together. It's what makes us live and breathe. Love is God is Love. Don't believe me? Try and take it away and see how far you get.

From over here on the sniffly side, I hope that you have tons and tons of God, love, laughter, and tall skim caramel macchiato's in your life. I hope that when you get the sniffles, that you can snuggle up in bed and watch some cheesy, girlie movie that you know is just not real but you also know makes you feel just that bit better, too. I hope that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, that you know that as a daughter of the Lord, you are wholly and deeply loved in every moment and in every aspect of your life and existence... x

"Hello! It's God calling..."

I was talking to my Dad the other day, something that I have the blessing of being able to do about once a month. Not because I don't want to talk to him more than that, we just don't often have enough to say if its a weekly phone call. After the greetings, I say "How's work?", he says "Its okay, you know the usual stuff". He says "What are you keeping yourself in mischief with?" I say "I've been doing a bit of this and that". The weather. A joke about something or someone we know. The latest goss on people we know. Half an hour of saying goodbye [that's Dad's gift really], "love you's" and off we go again. 

He's only just got a mobile [cell] phone, and when I say just I mean, nearly a year ago now. Since this move into 'yuppie ville' of technology I feel more connected with Dad because I can just send him a text to say hello or that I'm thinking of him. He's not so familiar with the concept of text messages, so to him, its like a phone call. If he gets a text, [since he doesn't know how to reply], he feels the need to phone.

I sent him a random 'I love you, Dad!' text to which later in that evening just as I'd started eating tea after being with some kids for the night, he called. I shot him down saying he didn't need to phone me if I send a message like that. He can just know I'm thinking of him.

It got me thinking. I think I've done that to God too.

As much as I would love to think I'm a great child of God, I also realise how I disobey and don't appreciate the love that God has for me. He sends me good things, and I accept them. I send him a prayer [like a text] and when He replies, I disregard it. When He calls, I tell Him he doesn't have to because I'm fine, I'm in the middle of something, or I'm [insert inconsiderate reply here]. Its like... I put conditions on the love God has. I put times on it. I like God's love attention when its through a blessing or when it suits me, otherwise, I seem to disregard it.

My Father, God, loves me unconditionally, and I know that. He wants to be apart of my everyday, and He just wants to show His love to me through various things. My Father, Clive, also loves me, but there could be points in life where the unconditional love could be harmed or broken, and the love hurt.

I love both of my Fathers. I love them more than I say. I want to blame the aspects of my childhood as the reason why I get a bit awkward with certain love attention, but I'm almost 25 and I think I cannot blame that anymore. If my Dad calls me, I should respond with loving kindness knowing that he is thinking of me. But I get annoyed because he's interrupting something I'm doing.

I hate that and I need to work on this more, both with my Heavenly and Earthly Fathers. I need to let my Dad love me the way he knows how to, and if its through a phone call, then that's what he knows. I need to let him into my life and not just when it suits me. But, bigger than that, I need to let God in my life everyday. I need to let him drive me. I need to let him steer the wheel and be my GPS in life. He know's where I'm going. 

If I decide to drive, then I also need to be willing to pull over on the side of my Life's road and answer His call when he needs to speak to me. And better than that, I need to put him on Speakerphone more and mute him less.

Funny thing is, being on the ship exposed me to many people who hugged everyone and loved personal and physical contact, something that was very foreign from me. Mum always says I hated being hugged when I was young, but I think there were bigger reasons for that. Feeling unaccepted was a big one. Feeling not a part of my split family sometimes, another big part of it. I didn't want fake love, and maybe I thought that's what I was getting. I know that at school, being the uncool kid, I would have friends only when it suited them. As soon as I did what they had intended me to do [like, their school work], or when I stood up to them,  I was once again uncool and they stopped liking me. Obviously, that was a HUGE part of my dilemma. School, aside from the work, kinda sucked for me.

But thankfully, my awkward years are far behind me. I might talk a little less now [than I did a year or so ago], but I'm still me, still quirky, still struggling with life and definately still learning. Ha!

Have a rip-snorta blessed day today!

Portrait of a ENFP...

Have you ever wandered what it would be like to read a story that describes, in strangely great depth, many of the qualities of you that you didn't think were qualities but more... unique facts about you? So strange that you feel like you possibly have been living in The Truman Show for your life till now... and right at this moment you suddenly realise that all along you have secretly been filmed and staged to do things. So strange, that you laugh outloud in a slightly awkward way because you realise that you actually DO the things you have been reading. So strange... that you feel partially proud and partially freaked out...?

Have you ever done a test... that the conclusion was, infact, a very great and pretty accurate description of yourself? Sure, not every point mentioned is like you, which is totally fine because this test isn't 100% accurate because there are some which are hard to pick between...

Have you ever been on the Personality website? Because if you haven't, I think you really should...

This test, isn't to prove how right or wrong you are. It isn't for you to show that you are allowed to have mood swings and get stroppy whenever you want because your personality profile said that it happens, so its okay now. It isn't to give you the answers to some of your problems. Its just... a profile that might help you understand the way you interact with others and the world. It's really... really interesting...

I, typically, am profiled as a ENFP. I did it today with one of my friends who, as it turns out, just so happens to be almost completely opposite to me. I guess when they say opposites attract, it really means more than romantic relationships, too.

So... I was reading my typical profile, and I kept bursting into fits of laughter. One particular quirk, oddly, is it said that my profile can typically enjoy reading classic romance fiction, like, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It just so happens that I started reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility just a couple of weeks ago. Freaky? I thought so too... more for the timing of reading that particular author and doing this test... and then it also says that a ENFP often doesn't finish a book... losing interest and finishing the book by only reading sections of interests... which is SO WEIRD because... that is something I thought I did due to being... well... me. Ha! I'm not alone after all!

Another part it mentions about me [well, my type] is that [ad-libbed] if we aren't stimulated in the tasks we do in life, if aren't feeling like we are being productive, if we are given strict schedules and mundane tasks, we will become unhappy and work less efficiently. SO... it means I cannot work in an office. I hate office work. And now I know this on a bigger scale apart from the fact that it just bores me, I know I should look at different jobs to that. Outdoor jobs. People jobs. Interactive and imaginative jobs. They are good ones for me...

My favourite statement out of it all?

But ENFPs are always consistent in their value systems, which they will impress on their children above all else, along with a basic joy of living.

That is SOOOO cool!

Best thing about this website, is that it helps you with relationships with people [with friends and, even better, with someone you might want to be more than friends with], jobs that are good for your personality type, and personal growth - basically - how to use this information to be a better you.

Its not the bible. And its not to tell you what to do... but, its bloomin' interesting!!! Enjoy!

Baby, Love

Someone I love a great deal is going to have her first baby soon...  I am SOOO excited. This is highly likely going to embarrass her that I'm writing this but, I don't care!!! If it was happening to anyone else I would probably write about it, too, but she is WORTH every bit of pain I'll get for talking about her so publicly [to the MILLIONS of unknown people who visit my blog... because that happens...{not}...]...

Alex is one of my closest, bestest, funniest, grooviest, honest and most adorable friends I've been SO blessed by God to have in my life. I believe we compliment each other in many ways. We can sing silly songs, do craft invitations, decorate houses but usually make each other laugh because we do spastic things like... blood-curdling screams in cars [only as long as you clench your butt cheeks at the same time] or we gang up and tease her hubby, Tim, because... we can, and because he's worth it...

I can talk to her about pretty much anything, and for some reason [perhaps hormone levels of soon-to-be-motherhood], I feel like I can REALLY talk to her about pretty much anything now since I've returned from my ship trip away. Not like I couldn't before, of course, but perhaps I also developed more confidence while I was away to talk about other things, too [like, soon-to-be-motherhood and all the perks and quirks haha]. And, to add a 'baby bonus' - she even let me feel her 3-weeks-to-go tummy, [that's right, I touched the baby bump!].

She is not the kind of gal that gets flustered or stressed very easily. She can get annoyed, but that's a whole different matter. She has a chilled-out kind of attitude that is like water on a ducks back - life, no matter what happens, just keeps on rolling. She is also such a supportive wife to her husby, too. This might sound kind of weird but - they really are people who I look at and admire. The biggest and best thing about Tim & Al is that they love God SO much! He's a big part of their lives, but not just a part of it - he LIVES in their lives. They love kids, reaching out to them and their families and to extend a helping hand to those in need.

I've known Tim & Alex for pretty much my whole Christian life. They are both my family and my friends. I can go to them to laugh our heads off or to have a deep conversation about, well, anything that may pop up in our lives. They can keep me accountable and they can kick my butt, but most awesome of all - they have let me be in their lives...

I don't think they are lucky to know me. I think I am blessed to know them.

By the way - Alex is due on May 18 but... there are a few people who have their thoughts on when the baby will pop out. I'm voting the 16th of May... we'll see how she goes... :)

Death Stars at the Prom

Last night I did a crazy awesome thing.

I went to a "Jedi Day" event at the Promethean. Now, let me explain this in a bit more detail.

For the Star Wars Groupies, I am not one of you. Sorry. Go for it if you are one who swings that way, but, I'll pass thanks. I just like the movies. For the rest of society, I'm still with you. But, don't think what I did was anyway geeky. It was - without a doubt - AWESOME!

The thing is, the band - Adam Page and the Death Stars - get together once a year [they are aiming for more appearances] to play classical movie songs and give it their own vibe, be it jazz or reggae etc, and dedicate it to an event. Like - the day that people devoted to the Star Wars movies call Jedi Day [well, apparently the official day is May 25, but May 4 is also celebrated]. Why also May 4? May the Fourth be with you. If you were a Jedi you would understand...

The other amazing thing is the talent of these guys. 5 of some seriously awesome musicians - who have barely rehearsed any of the music - that's how good they are - get together and jam - and you are invited.

The lead, Adam, is a FREAK musician. Actually they are ALL freak musicians. He has talent bursting out of his Chewbacca outfit at outrageous speeds. He goes from sax to banjo to ukelele [which he'd only been playing for 3 weeks - that's how annoying he is], busting a sweat, dancing a groove and looking right at home... to the other Sax, Princess Leia, who could play to extreme heights of awesomeness, duets with Chewbacca, solo's to make your toes curl - just magic... the guitarist, gentle Darth Vader, who rocked his solo set back to black, with such concentration and skill and an awesome hairstyle he really owned his spot on the stage... to the drummer, Yoda, who is the tallest midget I've ever seen, who whipped ass on the drums doing things that made me find hardly believeable, at paces that I've never seen and before last night would've considered impossible... to the bass player Starship Trooper who whipped out some seriously phat beats, while being one of the mellowest dudes chilling out the back of the stage... and then over to the pianist, Obi Wan, who, I swear played so fast and so well that his fingers literally blurred he was going at break neck speeds... I absolutely LOVED it! My leg never stopped tapping and my head never stopped bopping to the classical/jazz/reggae fest...

Could you imagine the Imperial March at regular, fast, superfast and reggae speeds? Exactly. It was a room full of talent watched by a room full of pretty cool people. It was an awesome night.

And as a taster, Adam is quite literally a one-man-band. Imagine him with an actual band. Go on and check it out here...

Life in [C]minor

Cminor. I claim that to be 'chilling out' for the context of the title. Of course, you know what I am like with anything title related. Usually, in a quirky-me-kind-of-way, my titles rarely make sense to the rest of the post I write.

Moving right along to something VERY important...

Have you EVER heard of an electric whipper-snipper... [FYI for those playing at home in other countries, this is a tool used as a grass cutter to cut short the growth on the edges of flower beds etc. Usually consists of a half circle shield with a piece of plastic string-stuff that goes around the propeller-like centre a million times a minute - the motion 'whips' the grass short].

So... anyone?

I felt like the biggest 'tool' today when I was using this electric whipper-snipper. I felt so utterly ridiculous chopping down grass with an extension cord following me around, which was equally as annoying as it was ridiculous. I was proud of myself for finding some plastic string stuff to put in as the 'blade', and equally proud of myself for fixing it before I could use it. But I still felt ridiculous. And annoyed. The owners have the garden shed locked with a different key to what I have - so i couldn't go and see if there was a filthy, dirty, covered-in-cobwebs, fuel guzzler for me to use and feel MIGHTY when using it. Nope. I had to use the electric one. What the hang!?

Well, I'm not sure when the yard here was last really hacked. Or raked. Or something. I got a nice gentle sweat up raking the 'lawn' area - which really has no lawn on it, just many weeds growing together to pretend to be grass. Also, there are more than required travelling plants around this house. You know, the ones that grow like vines and seem to just 'creep' everywhere? Well, theres a creeper rose bush, and about 7 creeper Geranium plants. They are just sprouting up everywhere. I hope the owners don't mind the trim up...

But it was SO nice to feel dirty again. Nails full of dirt and grass clippings. Pants completely covered in crass clippings. Dirt in places I don't recall being places that helped cut the grass or rake the 'lawn', yet, they still have enough dirt and grass clippings and gumnuts [ahm - yep!] to make me think that these places MUST have helped. Righty-oh.

So, today was my chilling out day. One of two days in the week where I don't have to leave the house to drive anywhere. I try and keep these days free if I can so that I can just... be. Watch some Grey's Anatomy. Do the Grocery Shopping for the week/fortnight [depending]. Do some washing. Do something creative. Do whatever my heart pleases me... which is one thing I do like about having no job! There really is alot of freedom to do - whatever!

PS - FYI - I could possibly be starting some volunteer work with a radio station. A RADIO STATION! That IS exciting! Keep checking back for updates on that! :)

PSS - in other news my mate is TWO weeks away from popping out her lil'un... TWO WEEKS!!! That is exciting. And just a little bit scary [i mean, the idea of pushing out a baby...that is]. Soon there will be a little person for me to spend too much time coo-ing over. And I will be about to make random annoucements of "look how big [baby] is!!!". That is exciting, too!