March 6-14 Photo-A-Day

March 6 - "5pm"
Glenelg Beach

March 7 - "Something you wore"
And wore it I did.

March 8 - "Window"
My "Schwepperevescence" window-scape.

March 9 - "Red"

March 10 - "Loud"
My "Mevans brought this from London" bag. Yeah.

March 11 - "Someone you [wish you had] talked to today" - adlibbed this one. 
My Nephew - who I wish I had spoken to.

March 12 - "Fork"

March 13 - "A sign"
The Wingfield Fuel Storage Fire that blackened Adelaide. Cough.

March 14 - "Clouds"
South Australia experiences the Melbourne 4-Seasons in one day weather.
Now I'm also singing Crowded House songs. Anyone?

March 5's Photo-A-Day


Well that's an easy one.

March 4's Photo-a-Day


This was actually meant to be "bedside", but as I've been sick the past few days, I didn't think snotty tissues would be impressive.

So here is a picture of me MC'ing the "DOULYMPICS" in - Asia. Somewhere. I actually for the life of me struggle to remember which port we had our Doulympics in. Well back to it. I was the host of hosts, and I'm pretty sure I was exhausted after the whole day. Its funny, the days literally blend together onboard. I have this memory that we had a variety of feasting tables with a variety of food, and then we moved down the the Doulympic Arena and commenced the fun games. It was department against department. It was hillarious. There were SO many people who cheated. I'm one of those game players who 'like the rules' unless you are playing "Cheat" - when there's actually no rules.

March 3's Photo-A-Day

"your neighbourhood"

A sneek-peek of my 'hood.

March Photo A Day - Day 2


Yesterday was normally my 2nd and last day of the week at school.
Our class had the week off because a new class had begun on Tuesday.
Some of my classmates and I caught up and had coffee at Whipped Bar Cafe, Semaphore.
I was more than feeling under the weather, but knew that it would be a good time to share things about class.
I took this on my way back to my car because the grate next to where i was parked looked cool.
Pretty much was in bed the rest of the day feeling unwell once I got home, but after a restless night, I seem to be coming out the other side of it. Huzzah!

March Photo a Day


Walking around town with some pals, we came upon a car that works for the railway company - one of those vehicles that have adjustments to them so they can drive on the tracks.
Wedged up in the grill support was this guy.
Awesome hood ornament.
Thought that the thrusting upward hand would be a grand start to a month of images.