Latest, Greatest, Faffiest and stuff...

If you are a facebooker, you may have seen one of my latest status updates depicting the current funk I'm in. For those of you playing at home who have not allowed yourself that great time-water of a blessing, I'll post it here... from Monday...

I walked into the Doctors office and said "Hi. I have a middle ear infection, a throat infection, a sinus infection connecting both the throat and ear infections, a combination of the flu and/or this viral thing going around and... i'm on the mend." He said "My thoughts exactly. That's $25 and you're on your way"

I actually wrote that in all sincerity, minus a few additions to make it a little more interesting to read - however it did seem to come out in a bit of a "Did I tell you the joke about..." kinda way.

So to clarify straight away - i wasn't charged for the visit - score! I checked with the Doc, and even looked at the receptionists as I was leaving expecting them to run me down for not paying for my visit. But i did go in to my appointment and explain my symptoms, my thoughts, he did his big check over and agreed with me, said there was nothing more that he could suggest I do other than what I have already been doing, and to have a couple of days off to rest. I didn't need a sick certificate for those as I was already having 2 days off from work, and he couldn't 'back-pay' sick certificates for the days that have already been taken off, of course.

So then I went and bought a "get better soon" present for myself. Well why not? I finally earn good money, and I could spend it on stuff that means nothing, so how about putting it towards something I actually would love?

I bought myself a very sexy black acoustic guitar, and I'm sure I pretty much instantly felt better than I did before I walked into the music store. I lah-lah-lah-love it.

My next purchase is a bike [tredly, cycle, push bike, bicycle], but I have been saving up for this purchase because of course it would be more expensive to fork out money for all the fiddly stuff like a helmet, bottle, bottle cage, lights, and the bike itself. I went and looked at two bikes on Sunday, the first was more expensive and was like a motorbike without the motor it had that many fang-dangled fancy things. Who needs their handlebars to be able to tilt up and down? Suspension in the seat would be appreciated for the rough spots I'm sure. And suspension on the handlebars too. Disc breaks? Mud guard would be nice for the wetter seasons. Why don't they add a odometer so I know how many kilometres I've travelled between services, and a speedometer to inform me know how fast I'm travelling while I'm speeding down the main roads, because the last thing I'd want is to get pulled over for travelling too fast... on my bike.

To surmise this post, I will conclude that I am about to take on a bit of a road trip with my housemate, Mel next week. She's leaving. On a jet plane. Don't know when she'll be back again. Moving to "the Motherland" for the wedding of Prince Willburger and Kate. Personal Invite by the Queen, or so her farewell invite implied.

Its been a bit full on around here. Hope you are laughing your way to the bank [and imagine how rich we could be if we earned money everytime we laughed!!]...