Sorry seems to be...

...the most commonly spoken word.

Hello. And... sorry. I feel like a bullet travelling out of a gun barrel, going at a crazy speed and getting everywhere fast. Either I keep my blog updated, and fail in my newsletters - or, I get my newsletter updated and fail to keep my blog afloat. Funny. I have lots of excuses I could use, like

- I thought having a computer at my fingertips often would make it easier, but it doesn't...
- The net hasn't been user friendly for a long time now, and I couldn't access the website till now...
- Work got the better of me, and once I left the office for the day, I really left the office...
- I'm tired alot. I think of things to write when I'm working.
- I don't use a QWERTY friendly keyboard.
- My dog ate it.

So... where am I? Singalah aka Singapore-lah. How am I? Exhausted [couldn't even write the word]. Knackered. Flat out like a lizard drinking. Why?

Dry Dock.

We've been here at Dry Dock World in Singapore doing, well, work on the ship for about... 24 days now. And better yet, there's more to come. We were quoted 5 weeks for Dry Dock this year because we have some major renovations to do to the ship to keep her user friendly and running all pretty for some years to come [we're praying]. So the 5 weeks [which was actually about 32 days, so like 4.5 weeks] has been extended another week or so. Basically, on the 23rd of November, we aim to leave Dry Dock. Only 10 days after our first predicted ETA date. That makes its about 6.5 weeks. That's a flamin' long time working 10-12 hours a day, starting at 6:30am for breakfast and going through till we finish.

For most of the 280+ people who normally live onboard, about 100 or so remain onboard working, and the rest do ministry off the ship. We had 2 phases because of the long Dry Dock and we now have to extend the 2nd phase so that they can continue doing ministry where they are working. This is a bit of a downer on them because they've been away from 'home' for so long, but exciting because they can continue serving the Lord in many different ways.

I've done some good quality decent hard work with the rest of my team and fellow Dry Dockies... its exhausting. Some people [who shall remain nameless] have actually said how boring they think Dry Dock is. Boring? It is far from it. I have laughed SO much and at so many different things. I have worked so hard and slept so good. They twiddle their thumbs and expect us to entertain them. BUT... I am not going to whinge. I am going to throw food at them. Thats a favourite past time, usually at Lunch. Good quality food throwing. We've had some that have gone nasty or have ended up on the wrong person [sorry, Chief!]. But we all laugh about it at the end of the day...after we have cleaned up.

But, today I am really tired. Really beyond what my mind can cope with. So... on that note, I am going to hit the hay. You crazy cats don't stay up too late now, you hear?? *smiles*

PS. There is something in the water Australians are drinking - so I'm just prewarning you. Apparently, and I've seen this first hand, that good quality fair dinkum Aussie drinking water gets you pregant and/or popping out kids. Be careful at the quantities that you drink. Outrageous.

God bless, and keep in touch!

Love, me