A Bee's Knee short of officially going on the Doulos...

Its so close!

The interview went really well! I had Mandy, who I had met in the very early stages of my decision of going on the Doulos, and she was just as encouraging now as she was back then! So that was a huge blessing!

And it wasn't hard! Which was really good because I was feeling pretty shocking with the cold I had [insert communal "Ew!" here...]... and because most of the answers came from general conversation, that was also just handy!

And Mandy even let me in on a secret... she said she'll definately be recommending me for the STEP Program and the Australian Leg of the tour. How AWESOME!

So, now we're full steam ahead with fundraising. I mean, we can now steer towards full steam ahead with fundraising. People really are generous you know. I 've had many offers to do things, and its just a blessing. I am trully blessed with my Family, both my immediate family, and my Church friends and family - family... They really do rock my socks off! Or, they really want me to leave :)

From tomorrow, there's only 2.8 months to go. I want to take a friend with me, but I could never decide! So instead they can all come with me, a little piece of them all will be on my journey with me!

May you be blessed this evening!

I'm off to dinner [at the local "Windy"] and then onto Bible Study...

Interview: [Timestamp] 1430hrs 26/04/2008

Thats right folks.

The last 'nail in the Doulos coffin' [so to speak] will soon be nailed into the box. Will it be a nail of a new adventure or a nail of a different door opening? God only knows.

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Its do-or-die. If its all good, then so many things have to start rolling into place. Passport needs to be applied for. Suitcase of large stature needs to be located and/or bought. Things need to be organised for the time while I'm away. Picaso needs a holiday house [and carer]. My room could be up for rent-ish. My family needs to be seen. Tickets need to be purchased. Departure date needs to be finalised. My heart, mind and spirit need more God time...

Whose getting scared? Me! Why? Because i've never done something like this before. Sure, its not overseas really, but it is to somewhere new, somewhere i've never been, and with no one else but me and God. God guiding me.


Phone call from an OMer...

Heads up. I got a call Friday night. I've actually not yet responded because I have not yet been able to hear the message, but hopefully tonight I will. This has made me all excited and nervous... This kind of means things really REALLY are happening. It's one thing to be accepted and receive your Pack in the mail, its another to be officially accepted to officially go and to officially be told that officially, you will be on the Doulos in July.

Oh Wow!

And so much is going to happen while I'm away! It's in no way going to change my mind about going because I really believe that this is what I am meant to be doing. God needs me to be challenged I believe. But it is a shame that for a few people who are close to me who have been there the whole journey of me knowing and growing into the person I have become, that I will miss out on their fun events! Party for them before I go or when I return from Port Lincoln I think.

Challenges of it all. Its amazing what we would do in a regular situation if we weren't already headed in a direction. Like, if i wasn't going away on the ship, I'd probably have already said yes to buying this awesomely funky Green Dell Notebook. But because I am leaving, I hesitate saying yes. I need to save, remember? Or did I think that everyone else would cover my expenses that I need to pay to go and while I'm away. And I also need to do some fundraisers. So I know spending [just under] $1000 on a Notebook is not really on the important list right now...

"Your horrible, Muriel!"

The weekend is over.
A new weeks begun,
A month we have lived for,
Another month gone...

And so it's near Ma-ay,
And what have we done?
This world we have lived for,
Is coming undone...

War's not over, now...

Dunno where that's come from really. Just had that song [War is over (Merry Christmas)] running through my head, and what was sticking in it the most was the line, "What have we done?" and then i changed a few lines and well.. you know the rest.

What have WE done? Physically to the world... Mentally to society... Emotionally to our moral values... Spiritually to the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman... what HAVE we done?

So much that was condemned and taboo is accepted now. Its not approved by most, but its very much accepted. In the "Real World" as non-Christian's like to call it, encouragement is not a widely accepted form of kindness. Something monetary is. Why? If someone gives you a gift, because they choose and want to, why must we think we need to return their gift with an equally priced gift? Or why must we think we should even spend more because of the generosity of the original gift? Don't we realise that by replacing their generosity with our own gift we are somehow trying to out do the other person?

It's weird. And I just thought about that.

How's your weekend been? Were you challenged in anyway?

May Peace be with you today...

C x


Bleh... I hate organising things.

Its not that I can't do it, I just dont like to. Its stressfull. It makes my head ache.
I always worry about silly things - and with fundraisers - will you get any money to put towards the actual fundraiser from the event?

Meh-ness... well thats for the coming thought processes and I dont need to worry my pretty little head about it.

But if you have done a successful fundraiser - I'd really love to know the details!

In other news:

I've been meaning to get into my "Recommended Reading" for my preparation "onboard the Doulos/in short term missions work" and I'm not getting very far yet! I think I've read a chapter out of the smallest book in the pile - and that was a while ago! I seem to have said yes to other things which have somehow prioritised themselves above my "special time with God discussing lifes matters and reading important books to help my spiritual growth that I should also be discussing with The Big Guy".

I'm part-time sidetracked that I will officially become a first time Aunty in the last month I'm still away. This has got me all arty-farty-and-crafty trying my hand at making booties [so much anger towards something so small!!!!] and planning other most awesome Aunt-to-be presents I could [but likely not] make. You may not believe that I have still yet to give one of my buddies her wedding present I was making, and they got married almost 3 years ago. My intentions are good, and I thought about it, and its the thought that counts - right? *Doh!*

I was also part-time sidetracked from a women's day out with the ducks [young and old] from church - and I was almost certain the feedback about the trip, despite my effort of outward encouragement, would've made a big downer on us - but I failed to trust God there and when the ladies started pouring in [especially the ones who were adamant not to come!] and the day happened and they were happy - with only one really affected case of motion sickness - and the girls... *gulp*... loved it!

And then the rest of the time is me just being slack. Or knackered. Or slack.

So... if anyone can lend a bum-kicking contraption, that'd be sweet...

Pray for:
- God's ability to kick my bum into the right direction - or more so my own

- To make time for God, and not just give him what's left over from a day

- Planning of Fundraisers for when they will happen and what to do.

- To keep me focussed while I'm still working which surprisingly has been really good! I was concerned I would become so excited about going on the ship that I would be the worst staff member ever, but thankfully I think it has given me renewed energy to put my whole self into my work and to remember that even though its mind and body draining, its work in God's mission field and He will renew me when I'm getting low or tired! Praise God!

- Finally, for my family, with the new arrival due when I'm away and their strained relationships, perhaps having me being unable to keep them all accountable to each other will wake them up and help them make that effort themselves. What a blessing to come back to!

May your hearts be filled with the love of God today... for He is the only one who will never leave us and never stop loving us...


Floating Update...

So far, there really hasn't been much to say. I got the paper work to fill in about how many times I've sneezed in my whole life, how many socks I have, what I do, when, how, why, where etc.

I'm happy to say I have just about finished all that [totally forgot for like a week! Whoops!]. I'll send that off tomorrow.

Aside from that, I gave an update to my Church Family last Sunday, and I really feel overwhelmed with the response! They are just the most beautiful people you can imagine! I know not everyone gets along with our Family the way I do - nor do they have the same elated feelings about them as I do - but that happens wherever you go anyway!

They are just so eager to see me go! Okay, I know that reads like they are actually giving me the boot - well ha-ha if they were because its only 3 months man! - but I think its more for the fact that they want me to go and EXPERIENCE the EXPERIENCE and come back energised to get this Church Family more jived up! Or, just to awaken me and expand my faith and enlarge my walkway towards a more personal relationship with God. Its all so - exciting!!!

Anyhoots, I'm going to leave that update with you and hope that your travels with your life are energising you.

If you want me to pray anything - let me know - even anonymously!