Inspiration... Expiration...

This week was the first week that I felt I grasped the concept of a body system. Any body system. It was possibly most likely due to the new teacher we had. As of this second term at school, we've had one teacher no longer continue with us [perhaps she was only with us for the infection sections!?], and picked up two more - one who I absolutely LOVE!

The way she teaches... it grasps you into the world of the system or thing she is talking about. She constantly asks you questions throughout each session, and is aware if you are fading out from her talking then she needs to get us to get up, move around, or do a quiz. She knows that if you don't have your mind stimulated, you wont pay attention, and if you aren't you wont learn. She also knows the importance of plenty of breaks. But the best thing is... the best... thing... is that she wants you to have a go. Say the wrong answer, or say the right... the point is that you try each time you are asked... and then progressively learn the things you don't know after that. I loved it!

Thursday I left school pumped --- stoked --- excited --- FULL of excitement!!! I made myself diagrams and labels and quizzed myself - particularly on the things I wasn't 100% sure of. Still have things I'm not 100% sure of, but I feel confident I know the digestive system pretty well.

Friday... was boring. SO was not inspired. I cannot stand people who just read a slideshow as it is. I could do that at home. I'm in the class to be challenged and stimulated and inspired to want to know more, to ask questions. Nada. I know the other teachers appreciate our Friday teacher, but his teaching technique does not make me want to keep my eyes open!!


Perhaps I could stage a protest... placards and all...