Hualien, Taiwan

Have you ever pictured a place where mountains reach up to the sky, green and fully of life and that seem to roll unendlessly on one side of you while an ocean of aqua blue sea and white sand greet you on the other? If not, picture that now. You have just pictured Hualien, Taiwan.
The greatest and most breath taking image I have of Hualien is us slowly getting closer to shore after our 10 hour voyage from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and being greeted by mountains that go so high the clouds block the view of the top. And there isn't just one mountain, there is a whole country of mountains.

We were so blessed to have such a calm voyage. We departed Hualien at about 4pm Tuesday afternoon and arrived at about 9am Thursday morning. The voyage wasn't long but it kept many people in bed due to us sailing from the South China Seas into the Pacific Ocean. The South China Seas are amazingly rough!!!

Then we see her; Hualien County. No matter where we looked, mountains surrounded us. There was a coolness in the air as the overcast weather reminded us that we are travelling north. It's kinda weird, but for Taiwan, we've been chasing Spring, arriving in a port to experience the lovely cool weather then after a few days, the heat turns up. So strange considering that I come from Australia - currently sneaking up to Winter. But they did say, we' basically have Summer for atleast a year onboard the big MV Doulos.

As you can see from my picture above, Taiwan is not big. On the west coast is where most people live - its flat there. Kaohsiung lives on the edge of suburbia in a sence. Then we sailed around the Hualien, where not as many people live. The mountains fence around Hualien and really help create the calm atmosphere. Then we sailed north, to Keelung. If you picture Fremantle, Keelung is alot like that. Keelung is like the port of Taipei, like Fremantle is the port of Perth. All through the middle of the country is mountains. I was so blessed to be able to go to Taroko National Park - the main attraction for Hualien...