1 Week before M&P move to "Face Mask"

The want to do everything with recognition that that is not possible.
The want to see everyone with the recognition that that is not possible.
The want to stop time just for a moment with the recognition that that is not possible.
Having faith that all will be well, but in my weak human nature, still doubting that.

2 Weeks before P.Andy moves to VIC

To have no idea what to expect, but expecting the unexpected all the same!
To know that this is only but one small step into a bigger journey called life!
To be slightly scared about where exactly my life IS going...!!!
To be more excited about what amazing things might happen in my life!
To understand that I don't need to take everything in order to 'have it all'...!

3 Weeks till I leave Adelaide bound for Brisbane...

Because I have nothing really to tell about what is happening with me - I have instead been telling you all the crazy weird things that have been running through my head instead!

Forgive me...

But I will admit to having dual emotions running round. Not doubt that i'm doing the right thing, I'm 99.98% certain of that. Its just sadness to be leaving friends who mean the world to me mixed with excitedness to be making new ones! Sadness to not have as much contact with my family while i'm away, but excitedness that in my absence they might just blossom in their own relationships with each other! Sadness to not see the funny people I work with now, but excitedness with what my job might be when I come back [and find it!].

What a big ball of crazy energy!

*grabs her earlobes and begins rubbing them between her fingers...*

Ciao-whoops groovers...