Day 1: Brisbane [Not in Kansas Anymore]

The journey has officially begun.

I'm still coming to terms that I am going to be sailing on a ship making coffee around Australia for 3 months. Despite having only left Adelaide last night, even arriving in Brisbane couldn't secure some guarantee that this really is happening. I even went into town today and yet for some reason feel like I've wagged a day of work. Its a rather strange feeling! Added to that is the great blessing to already be updating this.

At the airport I had a wonderful send of by some dedicated N'worthians who really wanted me on that plane - delayed or not! As I was walking the gangplank to the plane I obviously had something stuck in my eye, because it began to weep, but God busted a move and let me sit next to this cool 6y/o called Jennifer. Jennifer is vibrant, bubbly, entertaining - and has Scoliosis. She has had one lot of surgery to correct her back last year, and in 5 years time she has 2 more operations. Her Mum, Amanda, is legally blind and her brother who is 13 [not on the plane] had his feet amputated as a baby. Talk about wow! Jennifer and I exchanged drawings and we watched cartoons and laughed. And then I was in Brisbane!
Trav wonderfully collected me and my delayed flight from the aiport, drove me and my luggage back to greet his lovely wife who was waiting in the warmth of their very Queenslander-esque home [one of those houses on stilts kinda things]. The Mad-Oxes and myself then chat for an hour or so. Night owls much? It was great to catch up with them!

Finally calling it a night I haul my slightly over-weight [hahah] suitcase onto my bed where the top handle decides that its previous attached location does not suit its style any more and therefore detatches itself. Nice.

Bed. Ah. Bliss. I wake only to hear Trav & Jo tip-toe out the house about 7:45am and I roll back to sleep. 45minutes later I receive a text message which I begin to reply to before accidently falling back to sleep [I really didn't mean to!]. I wake half hour later discovering I'd not finished the text - consider doing so - before rolling over and falling back to sleep. I wake at about 9:45am.

After pottering around and trying to fix my suitcase I have some breakfast and consider the days events. I should get out and explore, though the ankle isn't terribly excited by this:

Lovely. Who sprains their angkle 5 days before leaving on a new adventure anyway. Oh right. Me!

Proof that I am actually here in Brisbane. And if you sit outside on the CitiCat's you look like this:

And now for some random snaps from the day to tie you over till the next post.

XOX Carola