Unemployment and PFT Training

Hey you funtastic people...

So this is a little update to let you know what I'm doing... or something.

I've been back home in Adelaide now officially for just over a week. That blows my mind to read that but its actually very true. One week yesterday. Life just seems to have stopped, that I'm still in July only with no job. But alas life has certainly continued - for all of us.

So we are here in November. This evening I spoke with the Elders of my church about my desire to go back to the MV Doulos. I kind of expected the response I got, which was totally and utterly behind me every step of the way, but its just nice to hear it from them. It was a full-on rush of blood to the brain... followed by a pause and then a distinct unwell feeling in my stomach.

How am I going to do this? How am i going to pay for this? How is this even possible and why am I not running away from this... at all?

This is probably all coming to head because I dont have something occupying my time during the day like a job would. And it also helps that before I can go back to the ship I have to go to Pre-Field Training - and that starts Monday. Thats right, Monday coming. No rest for the wicked - and Carola too it seems.

So - with the blessing of the Elders, I'm now here writing to you the latest in the dramatic saga that is my life just now. With some of the little money I have remaining I have paid for my flight to Melbourne for the 23rd of November, and I return to Adelaide on the 29th of November. The course, which covers a wide range of helpful and informative things like who OM is, raising support, presenting my vision, writing a prayer letter, giving a missions testimony, cross-cultural & team living and importantly - prayer, as well as participating in a Life Direction Workshop amongst other things... all this an more for the low low price of.... $... - well its plenty and I'm going to believe it will turn up before I need to leave on Sunday evening. Oh my goodness - what am I doing???

Humanly speaking I should be running away - screaming and heading for the hills. Yet, I'm still compelled to do this. I still believe this is where I'm meant to be going. I still believe this is the door that is opening and despite the circumstances and frail footings, I'm walking this path. God is bigger than absolutely EVERYTHING, so why shouldn't I believe He will come through? Sure, it might not be right now, but at somepoint, God's plan is going to work out - its just that I have faith to think it is now...

Please pray for me! This is bigger than me and I cannot possibly do it alone! I haven't been more excited and passionate and utterly scared of my choice in something like this before, and just thinking about it all scares me more! I am but a servant and I only want to do what my Master instructs - I just pray I'm listening correctly!

Please also pray for OM Australia - they have a problem on their hands - me! Okay, I'm not that big a problem but I certainly am giving their stress levels a good workout - mine too!

Well... here's to living by faith... it certainly keeps you on your toes...!!!