The Mall of Asia... and my favourite party trick.

Random post - be prepared.

If you have ever been to Manilla, Philipines, then you have likely visited the Mall of Asia.
Oh - my - Goodness...
Its so stinking humungeous!!!!!!!!

Here's me, tough girl, cowering at the sight of this massive chunk of metal and glass. That is just not right. Its like a city in its own right, you could practically live there.

There's even an open air ice-skating rink. I don't skate [can't even wear flip-flops without falling over] but it was surely entertaining to watch other's who were. I laughed many times, but one memorable moment is seeing this girl reaching for the side of the rink and being too far away, who then [in what seemed like slow motion] falls flat on her face, not just in one smooth move, but has that whole head-bouncing thing happen. You think I'm horrible but I was thoroughly entertained...

You can buy cars in this mall... and I could very well go mad being there. The first time I went it was quiet and I was with Rachel [USA] and her friend-of-a-friend, Rhoda and they have a tendency to want to do that 'dawdle-shopping' - the one where you find yourself going into every store possible. Ack. That to me is as fun as running your nails down a blackboard. Its not torture all the time but I'm sure I'm more one of those shoppers who would rather go and buy what I exactly need, have a very quick browse and then leave the shopping. Others like to look longer, and to their advantage, they often find more bargains than I do.

Rachel and Rhoda really wanted to see this movie "The Diary of a Shopaholic" [or whatever its name is]. I flatly refused to see it, and since we left that day, we've only heard how funny it is. I should remember that usually the ones I judge as being stupid can often surprise me [or they aren't as stupid as I thought]. So we might go see that soon.

Onto the second part of the title - my party tricks.


I've fallen over and poured more drinks [hot and cold] on myself than I have in the whole time I lived in Adelaide in just the short time I've been onboard from Bacolod to Manilla. What is going ON!!!!

I've slid gracefully down stairs, completely missed chairs, and walked into objects that were obvious a mile away. I've poured a full cup of hot Starbucks coffee on myself and splattered my friends when it also fell off the table, not to mention a full cup of COLD coke [bottomless, so it still got refilled when they saw that it was empty - hahahaah!] on myself - causing my face to shriek in disgust and embarrassment... and amazingly, the same 3 people have been at EVERY one of those situations. Perhaps I should stop spending so much time with them. Ha!

I think i've been tired, distracted [by life of course...haha] and not concentrating. And at the same time providing great entertainment for my pals... :)