Mind Over Matter...

Good Morning!

That's a bit of an extended truth, its actually 1:30pm but I've only been out of bed for a short amount of time. This past week has provided many opportunities to avoid going to bed until really, really late.

Last week we received an early delivery of our shipment of books so for a few hours some of the BookEx staff were involved with placing them in some sort of order on the Quayside [area of 'jetty' next to the ship] ready for the Container day [yesterday].

I was rostered only on the day shift and other's the late shift. Some also were rostered the Container shift. My shift leader, Ruban [India] became very unwell yesterday during day shift and went to his cabin early to rest as he was also rostered on the Container shift, and being one of those stubborn male types, herefused to take the evening off and let someone else replace him.

Lucky I am also stubborn and with the help of our Assistant Manager, we managed to convince Ruban it would do him a great help if he rested the evening and day and do my shift tonight and I'll replace him on the Container shift. Now I finished day work at 5pm Manilla time, and others who also finished then who were rostered on the Container shift [which started at 9:45pm the same evening] had the chance to get a few hours sleep before hand. Because I didn't know if I was working or not, I had to just wait. So when 9pm came around, then I found out I WAS replacing Ruban and then had to get geared up for an evening of work.

It was really enjoyable, and at the same time, totally exhausting. I was given a 'ladies job' [grrr!!] of dealing with some unruly Handbags [psh!!!] and having to go through every single one on two big crates, it took a good 4[ish] hours. I had my pal Rachel [Virginia, USA] with me so we were doing some random singing to the random songs we had blaring out of the Sound System, making a few crazy song dedications to the BookEx staff [one of those had to be there moments, sorry!], but at the end of the day, just doing the jobs needing to be done.

So my Wednesday [yesterday], also known as Container Day, consisted of a 9 hour regular shift, 5 hours off [well, sorta] and then followed by another 6 hours that evening, crawling into bed at 4am.

And then being woken up by the girls in Section 6 [where I live] at 7am.


Ah... anyway... its all fun and games until someone gets smacked by a pillow... :)

So that's one story for you... if my brain kicks in I'll share a few more...

otherwise, goodnite my friends!