Two Eyes Squared

I have a love of reading a good read. The kind you can't stop yourself from reading when you have a brief moment in your day. I love the bah-ha laugh outloud ones, the crime scene ones, and the ones that make you feel all warm inside. But there is still the favourite read - the personal fly-on-the-wall look into someones [real] life. In the blogsphere, sometimes this starts at the very end of the story and you have to work your way backwards...

Derek K Miller caught my attention by the opening line of his last post on his blog Penmachine:

"Here it is. I'm dead, and this is my last post to my blog."

Of course, nosey-parker me had to actually find out what this all meant. I don't even remember how i got to his page in the first place 6 days ago - but I have been reading backwards ever since. The way he writes is amazing and in its tell-all way its honest, true and relational. And I couldn't imagine what he went through while keeping his charm in his writing.

Infact, after just writing that bit above, I realise I have a bit of a 'thing' for certain blogs dealing with the loss of loved ones. There is a girl I know, "K", who as a newlywed lost her young husband - and to read the daily challenge for her to get through every small step of life captivated my heart and my blog reading. Prior to that, I was addicted to a young mum Lauren in America who blogged of her tale of going through life with a newborn baby, Jack, after her young husband unexpectedly died [well, there's not many tales of a bereavement being expected I guess].

So why do I enjoy [note, the use of the word 'enjoy' does not imply anything other than being captivated] these reads so much? Perhaps for me it is because I have not experienced such a loss that these experiences catch my attention. Perhaps its because I find human behaviour interesting to observe. Perhaps also its because I just care - despite not even knowing most of these people.

What blogs appeal to you - and why? Do you have a similar obsession with reading similar blogs??

I'd be interested to know what others say...