Things I like...

So - birthday's come and birthday's go. I personally struggle to buy things for people if I don't know what they want and if I think they have, well, pretty much everything.

But i {secretly} love getting presents. I just have this flaw where I don't get over-crazed-excited about what I get... "Oh, a piece of paper - I love it!"... "Oh, a new house - I love it!". Clearly I've never received either of those as actual gifts.

So - since my birthday is coming along soon, I thought I would just give some thoughts on things I would like to get my mits on...

Baby-G White. I've had a secret love for Baby-G watches since I bought my first Girlfriend magazine over a decade ago. They have style, class, and most of all they are fairly durable and can go anywhere. Not to mention look great.

Skullcandy Headphones. How awesome are they? So green, so funky, so foldable, so awesome.

I don't even know if they would fit my uber buff calves, but they look very cool. But warm for winter. But cool. The left ones I cant remember where I saw them... the right are Novo Baldwin's. Still, cool.

Sounds to drive to - I love Foo Fighters, and despite knowing almost all the lyrics on this album, I don't have their music in my collection. This is weird. I have a big range of music, and no Foo Fighters. Weird.

Just some thoughts for now...