"Would you like some dressing on your wound, sir?"

For those of you who like looking at my face [haha] here's the latest photo of me - for you
The events that took place since last Thursday:

I was trawling through through my Inbox on a lazy day off when I happened upon an email that I had received from a RTO [that's a registered training organisation for those playing at home] for ab Enrolled Nurse course I'd enquired about, oh, quite a few months ago. This email was an invite to attend an Info Sesh about the course. On that very day. Dang...

Shooting off an email to enquire if there was still a place for me to attend this session, I wasn't sure that the reply would be good - or quick. Surprisingly, considering their lack of reply to previous emails, it was both. A spot was still available for me. Good vibes chartered through my veins as I set about my day of doing whatever it was I felt like doing.

I arrived at the Info Sesh, wearing my cool ice-breaking "How" jumper {its a huge hand printed on the front of my hoodie, and if you open the zipper a bit, it turns the huge hand into a Klingon [startrek, anyone?] greeting hand instead}. I couldn't understand why the session would take two hours until after the session our guide and teacher showed us around the facility and surmised the tour with "We'll meet back in 10 minutes for you to sit your application tests". Pardon eh moi? No - speakah - zee - crazy - guide - talk. Application tests? I am not prepared for this!!!

Numeracy test *sweat*... I gave everything a shot, but if you're a normal person, its probably been since you were at school since you've had to multiply fractions, divide long division sums and do divisions without calculators that end in decimal places because one number just doesn't quite fit equally into another any amount of times. Round this, square that, change this from a fraction into an answer. Give me {a x b + c = X} anyday. Times up...

Literacy test. *chilled* I could do this blindfolded with both arms tied behind my back. You'll agree. I am pretty sure I passed this well. Really well.

Our teacher said that if in about 10 days we get a phone call, its to set up a time for a 2nd interview, a 1-on-1 meet and greet that would be about an 80% guarantee that you are in the course. However, if in about 3 weeks you get a letter, its to say that at this time you didn't make it.

Now in no way was I discounting myself, but I was sure my maths would've hindered my application. Positively not making the cut.

I leave the meeting feeling confused if I've done the right thing, if I am kicking myself in the biblical gonads [as my friend Monty suddenly likes to say] by jumping too far ahead of where i'm comfortably grounded. Comfortably, comfortable, comfort...

Gee, Carola! God doesn't call us to live a comfortable life! He wants us to trust Him! Follow Him! God clearly held a position at the Info Sesh for me so I could attend even though I RSVP'd on the day. He clearly guided me through my two tests that I was to do. I just had to give up on concerning myself with the fiddly bits of it all and just trust God that this is the direction He was wanting me to head towards since I started heading along this parth. Clearly - it is [well, to me anyway]...

Lets continue in this story, shall we? It goes on...

Tuesday. Phone call from private number. I usually let unknown phone callers speak with my secretary on my message bank. This time I answered. Its the RTO i was at on Thursday. They want to have me come in with all my documents and certificates. They want me to come in.... they want me to come IN!??!?!? Reality sets in and I feel I've been accepted into the course. Oh crap. That first 30% of fee's... how am I going to pay it!? Calm down, pray, rally the troops to pray, and sort that out after the interview...

Wednesday. Interview. Thankfully, I was blessed with most mornings off this week, so I had plenty of time to get myself organised. Interview goes well, and I'm with the same lady who took us through the Info Sesh and subsequent tests last Thursday. She likes that I've been on a ship.
"Do you know Annie?"
Ahm... sorry? 
"She was on a ship with her husband for like, 2 years. He's a pastor. Do you know her?"
No. But cool! But no. Does this hinder my entrance into the course? 
"No no, you have done very well, and I see no reason why you shouldn't get in." 
Are you kidding? I was sure my maths flunked me *sad face*...
"Why? You did really good on both tests. No worries-lah! Just wait for the email with the attached documents, fill them in, come pay the 30% and you'll start on June 29. I'll see you then!"
{insert my freaking out face here}

I shouldn't question God when He is sending me in a direction that i'm excited to go on, but have no understanding of the practical means on how i'll get there. I can't help it! I'm an independant, usually self-sufficient young single woman. I've lived out of home since I was about 15. I can look after myself. To have the control taken away makes me get nervous with sweaty palms and furrowed brow. However, I saw it when I went to the Doulos both times when he's floored me with the generous ways He gets things done because that's the direction He wants you to go. I shouldn't be surprised everytime, but I always am.

That 30% concern of mine? Gone. Why? Because someone has generously paid for it already. Someone who doesn't even know God in the personal way he should. Someone I love and who loves me and I'm so lucky to be loved by such fabulous friends and family. That someone is my Dad.

Is God rocking your 'boat' and blowing your mind? Are you following Him or are you just filling in time doing your own thing before you realise where you should be going?

Life - is TOTALLY awesome! Like I said on my FB status "God your plan must be HUGE, man!"

I'm still running around a little bit excited, a little bit terrified and a great big bit ready for this next step.

Oh boy. I'm going to be a poor student again. Haha!


Rachel said...

This is so freakin awesome!! I'm so proud of you and I know you are going to rock it :) Love you lots!

Carola... said...

Wahooo! I know - crazy right! And what just tops it all is that work is totally backing me up with this! SO much so that they are still willing to spend about $600 to send me to a course in a weeks time to learn more for Lifestyle activities - now if you weren't invested in someone, why would you do that!?

I need a skype date with you sometime precious! We'll have to book it in! Or atleast mention days we're more likely to be online! Love you Ray Ray!!!! xxxxx