Speaking with my Dad last night brought up the discussion of my upcoming birthday. I don't even start thinking about it till the end of May, because it's not till mid June. But, Dad being Dad, he started thinking about it last birthday [or so it seems].

Milestone year. 25. I don't even think that is old. Its not. Its so young! Really, these are the years people tell you the statement 'The world is your oyster! Go out and get it!'. Well, I've seen some of the world. I've seen some of that oyster many strive till that perfect time in their life when they can go out and see it. I've done that. I plan to do more of that too!

But somehow 25 also comes with a question, from my perspective. "When!?". When will I meet my handsome Prince Charming who obviously has refused to stop and ask for directions - because men don't do that, as we're all aware. When will I get to marry my best friend and call him my Husband? When will I get to be pregnant and then to be the Mum taking her baby to play group. The world makes me ask "When!?". The perspective of the world makes me wonder why I'm still waiting. But I'm only 25! Why is this seeming to be a problem! If I was 35... 45... maybe then I should worry. But, worldly speaking, 25 makes me question things about life.

If I look back and think that me at the age of 21, I know I was far too immature to get married. I was far too immature to even have a boyfriend. I had alot of growing up to do, and it was only 4 years ago. I feel like in those 4 years, that I have realised how a husband isn't necessary in life. He's a blessing. He's like a bonus feature following the Film of life. You don't need to be married to live or to enjoy life or to do what God wants you to do. But, we are born relational. We are born with the desire to be loved. And we desire to love others. So, I guess this is where we need to know we can stop worrying.

My previous year has been somewhat of a roller coaster. A life that I never thought I would be blessed enough to live. I lived on a ship, that sailed around the world, bringing awesome people from all over the globe who are volunteering their time just to experience other cultures, other people, other lifestyles, while at the same time sharing hope to the nations. We were like a floating United Nations 'island'. We represented the world, and though we had some problems sometimes, we lived together well. Its just so sad to know that politics helps to make our world a messed up place. People with control issues help make the world a messed up place. People who refuse to love their neighbour make the world a messed up place. That, is messed up.

So - 15ish months of my life was spent around Asia... before I was 25. Not many people get to experience that.

Well... this has been an interesting reflection. Hope you find it... interesting, too! :)