Are you sure its not frostbite...?

Well hey there avid readers [all... three of you?]!

I have been having many varieties of struggles recently - mostly due to the fact that the honeymoon period of being home has far from finished and now I'm running through phases of
"I'm lonely and I wish I had someone to talk to... [add person]... okay, now I have nothing to say and wish I was alone"
Ha. Bad. Or perhaps this one...
"I'm so very very very happy!!!!.. [insert a moment]... okay now I'm so sad/angry/want to kick a shed in/lost/unsure/etc"
I couldn't even say there were reasons the mood changed. The mood just changed. Oh, there are many other moments, let me tell you, but if I sit here and describe them all, well, it just might depress you instead! So - think of this as me giving you that release of NOT having to read it! Okay? Okay!

One particular thing I want to talk about is this:
Re-adjusting to cooler weather after living in the Tropics for [insert period of time here]...

I lived on a ship that sailed around the tropics for about 15 months. Prior to that, I had about 3 months of Summer back here in Adelaide, Australia. So - in all, about 18-ish months of good decent, "more sweat coming from your armpits than shirts that are dry" style weather.

Sure, in the tropics, it rains too. Alot. But its not the rain that when it starts you head to cover because getting wet means getting cold. No way. Far from it, infact. These rains were like having a luke-warm shower without having a choice and with all your clothes on. At first, its awkward. You don't know what to do. You are soaked through enough that you are sure even if your pants dry you will still look like you've peed yourself. Your shoes fill with enough rain that you squelch when you walk. If you opt for thongs, then your feet turn into a mudbath. When you walk out of the wet into the dry parts of malls or shops, you start dancing like a crazy ice skater because the shoes are so slippery on the ground and you have no traction. Your book that you brought for the bus ride is curling on the corners from the wet paper. You just cannot win. The locals, however, they are so used to the weather than being so wet is like another version of their outfits. Its really quite funny!

So my dilemma is that I feel exceptionally cold. So cold that I wonder if my bones will shake apart because I feel that cold. I put more layers on, another pair of socks, beanies, scarfes and a jacket and when I can hardly move I realise I have to pee. Its annoying!!!!! But its really cold! This evening is only 12*C. I don't live in a place that snows but I feel like if I look outside it should be snowing I feel so cold.

Have I become desensitised to cold weather while I was away in the tropics? Winter is my favourite season because of the layers of clothes. Perhaps my complaining really is in the fact that I just need to get more winter clothes. I'm so glad I can use this space to write things which in the end - I can resolve in my own way anyway. Ha...

The other particular thing I would like to talk about is this:
Hair today, gone tomorrow: Why having a good hairstyle is so important to us...

We all have hair, but why do we want to have 'perfect' hair. "Find the style that suits you", the magazines scream out to me. "Want a new YOU? Change your hair!"

I have been researching for a new hairstyle. My thoughts: mid-length, layered/graded, incorporates my fringe... face framing. I have rather curly hair, rather medium thickness and at the moment it feels rather long. Its to the middle of my back if I straighten it. Its only just past my shoulders if its left curly. But it feels like it has no life. I want something... new.

So - where does a person go to find something new? I look online first, Googling in the images for "short curly hairstyles 2010". I find straight hair, long hair, ultra short hair, and every other 'care-hair' comes out before some medium length hairstyles. Most of them, apart from a bare few, are infact, medium length curly hairstyles - but on women who have dead straight hair and their hairstylist for the day and curled and hairsprayed and "schooschzed" their hair until they get their medium length curly - perfect - hair. Its so not real.

The 'real' ones turned up being hippy-retro-emo-special hairstyles that only the darest of dare-devils would wear. But I'm talking about going to your neighbourhood hairdresser and getting my hair cut. I'm talking about an everyday style that doesn't require 3 hours prior to showing my face in public spent scrutinising over each strand till its 'perfect' I'm talking "wake up, shower, schooschzing for about 7.75minutes and then walking out of the bathroom. I'm talking 'normal people' styles. Where can we find our hairstyle-bible!?

Perhaps its in the magazine. So I buy one of those $4.99 magazines on hairstyles. I flick 3/4's of the way through before I see anything remotely resembling what I want. But - once again I'm showered in many styles - from the hairdressing salons of make-believe.

So - I'm going to take my thoughts and ask the hairdresser tomorrow, when I go in for my BIG CUT. Its the Girly day, when two of my closest friends and I go to have our hair done together and then we paint the town red with our fabulous new do's. It will be awesome. Whatever style comes through, it will be awesome...

So - from here I bid you... adieu...


Carola... said...

...and the following night I finally gave up on feeling so cold and turned the heating on inside. WHAT A SHAM! I blame living at the base of the hills - so its colder here anyway... but STILL! Its only just MAY! Halfway through AUGUST!!