Life in [C]minor

Cminor. I claim that to be 'chilling out' for the context of the title. Of course, you know what I am like with anything title related. Usually, in a quirky-me-kind-of-way, my titles rarely make sense to the rest of the post I write.

Moving right along to something VERY important...

Have you EVER heard of an electric whipper-snipper... [FYI for those playing at home in other countries, this is a tool used as a grass cutter to cut short the growth on the edges of flower beds etc. Usually consists of a half circle shield with a piece of plastic string-stuff that goes around the propeller-like centre a million times a minute - the motion 'whips' the grass short].

So... anyone?

I felt like the biggest 'tool' today when I was using this electric whipper-snipper. I felt so utterly ridiculous chopping down grass with an extension cord following me around, which was equally as annoying as it was ridiculous. I was proud of myself for finding some plastic string stuff to put in as the 'blade', and equally proud of myself for fixing it before I could use it. But I still felt ridiculous. And annoyed. The owners have the garden shed locked with a different key to what I have - so i couldn't go and see if there was a filthy, dirty, covered-in-cobwebs, fuel guzzler for me to use and feel MIGHTY when using it. Nope. I had to use the electric one. What the hang!?

Well, I'm not sure when the yard here was last really hacked. Or raked. Or something. I got a nice gentle sweat up raking the 'lawn' area - which really has no lawn on it, just many weeds growing together to pretend to be grass. Also, there are more than required travelling plants around this house. You know, the ones that grow like vines and seem to just 'creep' everywhere? Well, theres a creeper rose bush, and about 7 creeper Geranium plants. They are just sprouting up everywhere. I hope the owners don't mind the trim up...

But it was SO nice to feel dirty again. Nails full of dirt and grass clippings. Pants completely covered in crass clippings. Dirt in places I don't recall being places that helped cut the grass or rake the 'lawn', yet, they still have enough dirt and grass clippings and gumnuts [ahm - yep!] to make me think that these places MUST have helped. Righty-oh.

So, today was my chilling out day. One of two days in the week where I don't have to leave the house to drive anywhere. I try and keep these days free if I can so that I can just... be. Watch some Grey's Anatomy. Do the Grocery Shopping for the week/fortnight [depending]. Do some washing. Do something creative. Do whatever my heart pleases me... which is one thing I do like about having no job! There really is alot of freedom to do - whatever!

PS - FYI - I could possibly be starting some volunteer work with a radio station. A RADIO STATION! That IS exciting! Keep checking back for updates on that! :)

PSS - in other news my mate is TWO weeks away from popping out her lil'un... TWO WEEKS!!! That is exciting. And just a little bit scary [i mean, the idea of pushing out a baby...that is]. Soon there will be a little person for me to spend too much time coo-ing over. And I will be about to make random annoucements of "look how big [baby] is!!!". That is exciting, too!