Totally Wicked...

I love love LOVE it when God quite literally blows your socks off.

I've had just 'one of those' weeks. I was down with Laryngitis - for those playing at home its an infection of the vocal chords - for pretty much the whole week. I'm still not over it but today was the first time I got most of my voice back.

The week consisted of me staying in bed, watching movies and cancelling phone calls when people were ringing because I couldn't speak to answer them. [of course, I sent a message to say I couldn't talk!].  I went out on Thursday... and stayed for the smallest amount of time at the kids-club I work at and then came home. I felt pretty off. Mostly just knackered... but otherwise fine!

Then... this weekend happened.

So - from the start people can tell I can't talk so good. But, it seems that I'm good for a conversation [who would've thought that!?].

Last night [so, Friday night for you playing at home] I had a date. With Jesus. And 6 other amazing chicks. It was a completely encouraging!! It was for us single ladies who, quite frankly, can get a little stressed by life, feeling like we are being left behind, or, what's wrong with me because I'm still single - that kind of stuff.

So my fabulous friend, Sarah, invited us ladies to a date with Jesus night. Sarah looked like she was you idyllic 50's wife, and she was SUCH an amazing hostess! It was quite simply amazing. A great platform for what a date would be like [considering I've only really been on one official date and it was out, this was what I felt a date should be like].

Candles, rose petals on the ground, roses at the door greeting us, a fire crackling to stand next to while listening to the rain on the roof, mocktails in hand, fine linen and cutlery, the lulls of sweet music in the background, a gift on the table [it was a ring! Like, an engagement ring-type ring].. it was beautiful.

And I was encouraged to remember that I may be single on Earth for now, but I am part of the bride of Christ. I am wholly and dearly loved by my Father, my heavenly husband, who wants to give me the world! I felt so... blessed! I also felt like I talked WAY too much and by the time I got home I lost what voice I did have left... hahahha....

And then today came around.

Tonight I was participating in a youth-encouragement event to motivate and excite young people to be missionaries wherever they are, and my role for the night was the mingle beforehand and to make professional coffee's after during supper. 

To start off, I was ready early. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! I'm always late. Well, not by much but I usually don't plan my time very well at all. Today, I was prepared! After spending the day listening to the rain and feeling so mellow, I was prepared! Perhaps last night did more than encourage me! Perhaps - I felt relaxed!!

So I arrive, and I check out the machine to use, which was very small and different to what I was trained on, and it took me awhile to find where things where but, eventually I nutted it out!

You have to remember, I was trained on a ship on an industrial sized professional cafe' coffee making machine, and I was trained at a standard that was certified as basic understanding but trained in high-class coffee making, that I am a little fussy with how things are done or left. So when there was no cleaning chemicals, no brushes, no tamp [what to press the ground coffee with to make it flat before you put it in the machine to press water through to get the shot]... I felt frustrated and unsure that this match between me and the machine was going to come out nicely...

ESPECIALLY when i was shown how to use this machine and every technique was, if I had done it on the ship, I would've been given a right severe telling off... BUT... when I was doing it, amazingly, every rule I remembered came back to me and we...

connected. The machine and I, that is.

And when the orders started coming... then the line of people kept growing... when people were coming to say how good their drink was... [and one or two even snuck in second one!]... I was so... SOOOOOOO... blessed! And encouraged! And... over the moon!

And maybe if I pursue doing nursing [amongst the many things I'm pursuing right now] I think I should get back into coffee making too! I realised tonight how I love making coffee! Infact, when I come back from my next bout of travels for debreif and sort-of birthday pressie for myself in June, then I think I might just go apply to be a barista again!

GOLLY GOSH! I am so excited that I doubt I will sleep tonight and its already 1:30am!!!

And tomorrow... I get to do my talk about the ship at my church. FINALLY! I'm so excited!!!

Be utterly blessed right now in your life today! You are worthy of love and from a distance, I love YOU too! If you were closer - like Alex - then I love you here too... of course! xoxox