"Your horrible, Muriel!"

The weekend is over.
A new weeks begun,
A month we have lived for,
Another month gone...

And so it's near Ma-ay,
And what have we done?
This world we have lived for,
Is coming undone...

War's not over, now...

Dunno where that's come from really. Just had that song [War is over (Merry Christmas)] running through my head, and what was sticking in it the most was the line, "What have we done?" and then i changed a few lines and well.. you know the rest.

What have WE done? Physically to the world... Mentally to society... Emotionally to our moral values... Spiritually to the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman... what HAVE we done?

So much that was condemned and taboo is accepted now. Its not approved by most, but its very much accepted. In the "Real World" as non-Christian's like to call it, encouragement is not a widely accepted form of kindness. Something monetary is. Why? If someone gives you a gift, because they choose and want to, why must we think we need to return their gift with an equally priced gift? Or why must we think we should even spend more because of the generosity of the original gift? Don't we realise that by replacing their generosity with our own gift we are somehow trying to out do the other person?

It's weird. And I just thought about that.

How's your weekend been? Were you challenged in anyway?

May Peace be with you today...

C x