Bleh... I hate organising things.

Its not that I can't do it, I just dont like to. Its stressfull. It makes my head ache.
I always worry about silly things - and with fundraisers - will you get any money to put towards the actual fundraiser from the event?

Meh-ness... well thats for the coming thought processes and I dont need to worry my pretty little head about it.

But if you have done a successful fundraiser - I'd really love to know the details!

In other news:

I've been meaning to get into my "Recommended Reading" for my preparation "onboard the Doulos/in short term missions work" and I'm not getting very far yet! I think I've read a chapter out of the smallest book in the pile - and that was a while ago! I seem to have said yes to other things which have somehow prioritised themselves above my "special time with God discussing lifes matters and reading important books to help my spiritual growth that I should also be discussing with The Big Guy".

I'm part-time sidetracked that I will officially become a first time Aunty in the last month I'm still away. This has got me all arty-farty-and-crafty trying my hand at making booties [so much anger towards something so small!!!!] and planning other most awesome Aunt-to-be presents I could [but likely not] make. You may not believe that I have still yet to give one of my buddies her wedding present I was making, and they got married almost 3 years ago. My intentions are good, and I thought about it, and its the thought that counts - right? *Doh!*

I was also part-time sidetracked from a women's day out with the ducks [young and old] from church - and I was almost certain the feedback about the trip, despite my effort of outward encouragement, would've made a big downer on us - but I failed to trust God there and when the ladies started pouring in [especially the ones who were adamant not to come!] and the day happened and they were happy - with only one really affected case of motion sickness - and the girls... *gulp*... loved it!

And then the rest of the time is me just being slack. Or knackered. Or slack.

So... if anyone can lend a bum-kicking contraption, that'd be sweet...

Pray for:
- God's ability to kick my bum into the right direction - or more so my own

- To make time for God, and not just give him what's left over from a day

- Planning of Fundraisers for when they will happen and what to do.

- To keep me focussed while I'm still working which surprisingly has been really good! I was concerned I would become so excited about going on the ship that I would be the worst staff member ever, but thankfully I think it has given me renewed energy to put my whole self into my work and to remember that even though its mind and body draining, its work in God's mission field and He will renew me when I'm getting low or tired! Praise God!

- Finally, for my family, with the new arrival due when I'm away and their strained relationships, perhaps having me being unable to keep them all accountable to each other will wake them up and help them make that effort themselves. What a blessing to come back to!

May your hearts be filled with the love of God today... for He is the only one who will never leave us and never stop loving us...