Floating Update...

So far, there really hasn't been much to say. I got the paper work to fill in about how many times I've sneezed in my whole life, how many socks I have, what I do, when, how, why, where etc.

I'm happy to say I have just about finished all that [totally forgot for like a week! Whoops!]. I'll send that off tomorrow.

Aside from that, I gave an update to my Church Family last Sunday, and I really feel overwhelmed with the response! They are just the most beautiful people you can imagine! I know not everyone gets along with our Family the way I do - nor do they have the same elated feelings about them as I do - but that happens wherever you go anyway!

They are just so eager to see me go! Okay, I know that reads like they are actually giving me the boot - well ha-ha if they were because its only 3 months man! - but I think its more for the fact that they want me to go and EXPERIENCE the EXPERIENCE and come back energised to get this Church Family more jived up! Or, just to awaken me and expand my faith and enlarge my walkway towards a more personal relationship with God. Its all so - exciting!!!

Anyhoots, I'm going to leave that update with you and hope that your travels with your life are energising you.

If you want me to pray anything - let me know - even anonymously!



Rhea said...

Hey there...
I was reading your blog..found it by a search engine..lol hope you don't mind :)
Well i am planning to join Doulos too but i am planning to go for about a year... I have got the forms and stuff to fill up and I've got an info night coming up held on the ship itself... I was wondering since you have been through the whole process yourself... do you think you can give me some more info about the process and about the fund raising part... I am meant to fund raise about NZ$1000.. I was wondering if friends and family can contribute to my fund every month?
So it would be nice if I could get some details and stuff... :) my email addy is rhea_star67@hotmail.com..