Interview: [Timestamp] 1430hrs 26/04/2008

Thats right folks.

The last 'nail in the Doulos coffin' [so to speak] will soon be nailed into the box. Will it be a nail of a new adventure or a nail of a different door opening? God only knows.

This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Its do-or-die. If its all good, then so many things have to start rolling into place. Passport needs to be applied for. Suitcase of large stature needs to be located and/or bought. Things need to be organised for the time while I'm away. Picaso needs a holiday house [and carer]. My room could be up for rent-ish. My family needs to be seen. Tickets need to be purchased. Departure date needs to be finalised. My heart, mind and spirit need more God time...

Whose getting scared? Me! Why? Because i've never done something like this before. Sure, its not overseas really, but it is to somewhere new, somewhere i've never been, and with no one else but me and God. God guiding me.



The Merry Rose said...

mission is possible chick! it is so true then! ok - when are you going?? would love to catch up and hear all about it!! love ya!! rose