A Bee's Knee short of officially going on the Doulos...

Its so close!

The interview went really well! I had Mandy, who I had met in the very early stages of my decision of going on the Doulos, and she was just as encouraging now as she was back then! So that was a huge blessing!

And it wasn't hard! Which was really good because I was feeling pretty shocking with the cold I had [insert communal "Ew!" here...]... and because most of the answers came from general conversation, that was also just handy!

And Mandy even let me in on a secret... she said she'll definately be recommending me for the STEP Program and the Australian Leg of the tour. How AWESOME!

So, now we're full steam ahead with fundraising. I mean, we can now steer towards full steam ahead with fundraising. People really are generous you know. I 've had many offers to do things, and its just a blessing. I am trully blessed with my Family, both my immediate family, and my Church friends and family - family... They really do rock my socks off! Or, they really want me to leave :)

From tomorrow, there's only 2.8 months to go. I want to take a friend with me, but I could never decide! So instead they can all come with me, a little piece of them all will be on my journey with me!

May you be blessed this evening!

I'm off to dinner [at the local "Windy"] and then onto Bible Study...